How Do You Get 20 Minion Slots in Hypixel Skyblock?

Hypixel is a popular Minecraft server with a huge player base. It’s easy to find groUPS of people to play with, and the servers are always up and running.

There are many ways to get minion slots in Hypixel Skyblock. The most common way is to find a group of people and join their server.

Another way is to find a group of friends who are also playing Hypixel Skyblock and ask them if they want to join your server. There are also many unofficial servers that you can join.

If you don’t want to join a group or find friends, you can purchase minion slots from the Hypixel store. The cost varies, but it’s usually around $5 per slot.

This is the cheapest way to get minion slots, but it’s not always available.

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