How Do You Unlock More Emote Slots?

While some emotes are locked behind in-game achievements or by purchasing them with real-world money, there are ways to unlock more emotes.

One way to unlock more emotes is to complete a set of daily challenges. These challenges are specific to each emote and can be done by either using the emote in game or by using the associated pose.

Completing these challenges also rewards players with in-game currency which can be used to purchase emotes. .

Another way to unlock more emotes is to purchase them with in-game currency. This option is available for a limited time after which the emotes will become permanently locked.

Once an emote has been purchased, it can be used in any game mode and across all characters.

The final way to unlock more emotes is through the use of gold coins. These coins can be earned through completing specific tasks or purchased through the in-game store.

Gold coins can then be used to purchase any unlocked emotes.

All of these methods have their own benefits and drawbacks. Daily challenges are easy to complete but do not offer as much rewards as buying emotes outright.

Purchasing emotes with gold coins allows players to have greater variety in their emote selection but also comes at a cost. While some players may find it difficult to earn enough gold coins, others may find it easier due to the availability of microtransactions in other games.

Ultimately, the best way to unlock more emotes depends on the player’s individual preferences and gaming style. Whether they want easy access to all of the available emotes or prefer to earn them through challenging tasks, there is sure to be a method that works for them.

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