How Many Accessory Slots Can You Get Terraria?

In Terraria, accessory slots can be found on the torso and legs of most NPCs. There are a total of eighteen accessory slots, but players are only able to equip fourteen accessories at a time.

The fourteen slots are divided between the two locations on the NPC’s body.

Players can increase the number of accessory slots they have by trading with other players or finding treasure chests in the game world. By trading with other players, players can receive additional accessory slots as well as other valuable items.

Treasure chests located in the game world usually contain a variety of different items, including accessory slots.

By obtaining additional accessory slots, players are able to equip more powerful accessories that will help them in their adventure through Terraria. Overall, Terraria offers a wide variety of options for players when it comes to customizing their character’s look and feel.

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