What Are Google Calendar Appointment Slots?

Google Calendar Appointment Slots

If you have a Google account, you can use the Google Calendar app to keep track of your appointments. This app allows you to create and manage your appointments using slots, which are specific times and dates for when you want to be available.

For example, if you have a meeting at 10am on Monday, but you also want to be available from 3pm-5pm on Tuesday, you would use the slot for 3pm-5pm on Tuesday.

If someone needs to see you during a slot that you’ve already booked, they can contact you and ask if they can change the time of their appointment. If you’re unavailable for an appointment at the time that it’s scheduled, but would like to reschedule it for a later time, you can do so by clicking “reschedule” in the notification that is sent to you when your appointment is scheduled.

You can also click “edit” in the notification if you’d like to change any of the other details about your appointment, such as the name or location of the meeting.

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