What Are Sneaker Slots?

Sneaker slots are pieces of equipment that allow retailers to quickly and easily check the size and fit of shoes before they are sold. They are inserted into a pair of shoes, typically on the inside of the shoes, and measure the width, length, and circumference of the shoe.

This information is then used to create a custom fit for the shoe.

Sneaker slots have become increasingly popular in recent years because they allow retailers to reduce waste by not having to send shoes that do not fit back to the manufacturer. It also allows customers who may be in between sizes to find a pair of shoes that fits them more comfortably.

There are two types of sneaker slots: manual and automated. Manual sneaker slots require a clerk to insert the shoe into the slot and measure the data; automated sneaker slots require no input from a clerk, instead measuring the data automatically.

There are several different types of sneaker slots currently available, including: manual sneaker slot machines, automated sneaker slot machines with touch screens, manual sneaker slot analyzers, and automatic sneaker slot analyzers with touch screens.

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