What Is the Difference Between Slots and Slats on a Wing?

Slot vs. Slat: The Difference

Slot and slat wings are two types of aircraft wings that differ in their construction. Slot wings are made up of a series of thin, parallel slots cut into the wing surface. These slots allow the air to flow smoothly over the wing, providing better lift and efficiency.

Slat wings, on the other hand, are composed of a series of narrow strips of metal that run along the entire length of the wing. These strips can be raised or lowered to create different levels of airfoil shape and performance.

The main difference between slot and slat wings is their aerodynamic performance. Slot wings offer better lift and efficiency than slat wings, due to their smooth airflow over the wing.

Slat wings can be more aerodynamically efficient when used in conjunction with devices that alter airfoil shape, such as spoilers or flaps, but they tend to be less stable in flight.

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