What Motherboard Has the Most DIMM Slots?

Motherboard manufacturers have been cramming more and more DIMM slots into their boards in an effort to give users more options for upgrading their systems. The most recent motherboards to include a lot of DIMM slots are the ASRock Z370 Taichi and the ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero.

Both of these motherboards have 18 DIMM slots, which is a lot compared to some of the older boards that only have 12 or 13 DIMM slots. The ASRock Z370 Taichi is also one of the few motherboards that supports DDR4 memory, which is becoming increasingly popular.

Overall, it seems that motherboard manufacturers are going all out in an effort to create more versatile systems. This has led to boards with a lot of DIMM slots, which is definitely something that users will appreciate.

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