How Much Is Attunement for 4 Slots?

Attunement is a term used in the metaphysical and spiritual communities to describe the level of connection one has with their Higher Self, or deity. For many people, attunement means connecting with their innermost being and accessing deep wisdom and knowledge.

There is no one answer to this question since everyone’s experience of attunement will be different. However, on average, it is generally agreed that attunement for 4 slots requires significantly more effort and concentration than attunement for 2 slots.

This is because 4 slots allow for a much more comprehensive connection with all aspects of oneself – both physical, etheric and mental – which can be taxing on the energy body.

So, how much is attunement for 4 slots? That depends on the individual, but generally speaking it would require considerably more time and effort than attunement for 2 slots.

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