Does Google Calendar Still Have Appointment Slots?

Google Calendar is a popular online appointment scheduler. It allows users to create, view, and manage their appointments.

Many people use Google Calendar to manage their personal schedules.

Some people have concerns about whether or not Google Calendar still has appointment slots. Appointment slots are a feature that was discontinued in 2017. People who used appointment slots were able to save multiple appointments in one slot. Appointment slots were removed from the Google Calendar website in favor of the Google Keep app.

However, some people believe that appointment slots still exist inside of the Google Calendar software. These people claim that they have been able to find evidence of appointment slots on the Google Calendar website. They argue that the disappearance of appointment slots was an intentional decision by Google. They believe that this decision was made in order to make it easier for users to use the Google Keep app instead of using the traditional appointment system on the Google Calendar website.

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